Tuesday, April 22, 2008

After hanging out at a trendy bar last night

There's a neon club
around the corner
Sometimes I'll wander in
choking on French perfume
and black leather
Hearing last call
voices betray desperation
for some late night skin
Makeup masks crack
thick with cheap innuendo
Tequila promises burned
beyond recognition
Drunk stumped heads
suckered by lies
Mindless words oozing thick
through lipstick smiles
It's the tower of Babel
so just babble on
Music hides at a safe distance
no match for lines and come ons
Greedy for centre stage
hack actors talking shit
Silent witness to social crime
I stand aloof watching
To them I'm a leper
Keep your distance and you'll be fine
Bartender's holding court
A poor man's Tom Cruise
I think his name really is Tom
Ordering a drink
he thinks my name is Bud
Girl's night out in the corner
Some office dicks wanna squeeze in
puking up cliches and compliments
Gidget vanity aching for attention
from any John around
Swallowing reassurance
that they've all still got it
Got what?Get it?Forget it?
Wack back my drink
What do I think?
They don't want any part of me
so I'll have another
Bartender still playing Tom Slick
Guess I'm still playing Bud
Slow Hip Hop
hip hops through the room
Last chance last ditch losers
clutch and grope on the trance floor
Starting to feel invisible now
Only Cocktail Tom sees me
Looking worried about his Bud
So this Bud orders another
This one's on him he waves
He's missing a finger
Wonder what I'm missing?
Wonder if he notices
that I wonder where his finger went?
Hip Hop fades
leaving losers
fanning out into corners
Pathetic parade
Remind myself how much I hate
circuses, charades and parades
Music drops through a trap door
Voices left hanging
Naked dangling
The sentence served
My mind's made up
Rather be invisible
than visibly ignored
And being a leper
is not all that bad
Tom knows
Winks in my direction
Gives me the thumbs up
less one finger
Show him mine
for one more
I shoot it back
Inhaling liquid fire
French perfume
and black leather desire
I'm still invisible
Tom Cruise is fingerless
I'm a leper named Bud
with no more time to linger
Visibly ignored
Invisibly gliding
across the trance floor
Grooving to leper music
Bust a few leper moves
and I'm out the neon door

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