Saturday, April 12, 2008

About poodie music artist kanarek

Kanarek - Born in Havana, Cuba - early on, absorbed the Caribbean Latin percussion that filled the balmy air. Even after moving to Canada and beyond, the rhythm traveled with him during his interesting trip of a life. Along the way, he’s collected images, stories, poetry… and infused them into his music.

Nomadic by nature, Kanarek always knew he could return home to 246 Searle Avenue, Toronto. It was loud, passionate and welcoming. Even when the streets were cold, the food was hot and waiting. There, his drum kit had a place… and so did he.

2forty6 is where Kanarek discovered music and art; eventually playing drums and performing with many Canadian and American artists
After living in Los Angeles, he moved to France with his band.
When the group disbanded, Kanarek stayed to paint, drink wine and breathe in Paris where he performed with many French artists and his band Broken Eyes.
He later joined a Chilean DJ, a country-rock guitarist and a reggae singer; the diverse group produced twelve vinyl singles, including a House music hit “Acid Bitch,” which stayed on the U.K. club charts for 13 weeks. Later, on his own, Kanarek created music for his first solo album and exhibited his paintings in nine solo art shows.

Today, with his parents’ gifts of music, art and wanderlust, Kanarek – an ever-present glass of red wine before him - frequents caf├ęs in Toronto, Paris and Los Angeles…always thinking, sketching, and creating. His most recent creation is his album titled “2forty6”… for the place that will always be home.

Aural illusions of Kanarek's experiences – sounds often as thick as his oil paintings, seem to create shimmering outlines of images: The sun-drenched Parisian streets, maybe; a summer evening in Havana, possibly; each sound, each song like a stratum of his life being peeled back and laid down for us to take a virtual trip of our own.

Like Kanarek, his music is full of contradictions - as he sings in Bloozie, “When the sun shines down on Paris, I’m living hell here in Paradise…but I gotta keep on walkin’ ‘til the Left Bank becomes right…”

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