Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Painting


Guiding a creative project from inception to completion brings great satisfaction.
My album “2forty6″ makes me feel that way again.
Now the hard work begins.
I have placed the radio and internet promo in the hands of some capable people.
There’s still alot for me to do.
In the interim, as time permits, I have started “sketching out” my next album project .
I hope to have it done before the end of ‘08.
The weather’s been great here and I’ve been outdoors at my easel taking advantage of the sun to continue my next series of paintings .
Nothing like the inspiration of sunshine,great wine and a blank canvas with iTunes running in random play mode..
I’d like to share one of my new paintings with you here that will be part of a new series.
It is a mixed media painting on 160 gm textured archival paper. It is presently untitled .
Also, as I develope the new songs for the next album, I will post a few of them in various stages of development here for you to listen to.
Hope you are all well. Keep your heads up. These are trying and bizarre times. Stay healthy, creative,honest and informed.

A beautiufl and relevant thought

a beautiful and relevant thought
Some wise words from Martha Graham:

"There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action. And because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares to other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours, clearly and directly, to keep the channel open whether you choose to take an art class, keep a journal, record your dreams, dance your story or live each day from your own creative source. Above all else, keep the channel open!"


After hanging out at a trendy bar last night

There's a neon club
around the corner
Sometimes I'll wander in
choking on French perfume
and black leather
Hearing last call
voices betray desperation
for some late night skin
Makeup masks crack
thick with cheap innuendo
Tequila promises burned
beyond recognition
Drunk stumped heads
suckered by lies
Mindless words oozing thick
through lipstick smiles
It's the tower of Babel
so just babble on
Music hides at a safe distance
no match for lines and come ons
Greedy for centre stage
hack actors talking shit
Silent witness to social crime
I stand aloof watching
To them I'm a leper
Keep your distance and you'll be fine
Bartender's holding court
A poor man's Tom Cruise
I think his name really is Tom
Ordering a drink
he thinks my name is Bud
Girl's night out in the corner
Some office dicks wanna squeeze in
puking up cliches and compliments
Gidget vanity aching for attention
from any John around
Swallowing reassurance
that they've all still got it
Got what?Get it?Forget it?
Wack back my drink
What do I think?
They don't want any part of me
so I'll have another
Bartender still playing Tom Slick
Guess I'm still playing Bud
Slow Hip Hop
hip hops through the room
Last chance last ditch losers
clutch and grope on the trance floor
Starting to feel invisible now
Only Cocktail Tom sees me
Looking worried about his Bud
So this Bud orders another
This one's on him he waves
He's missing a finger
Wonder what I'm missing?
Wonder if he notices
that I wonder where his finger went?
Hip Hop fades
leaving losers
fanning out into corners
Pathetic parade
Remind myself how much I hate
circuses, charades and parades
Music drops through a trap door
Voices left hanging
Naked dangling
The sentence served
My mind's made up
Rather be invisible
than visibly ignored
And being a leper
is not all that bad
Tom knows
Winks in my direction
Gives me the thumbs up
less one finger
Show him mine
for one more
I shoot it back
Inhaling liquid fire
French perfume
and black leather desire
I'm still invisible
Tom Cruise is fingerless
I'm a leper named Bud
with no more time to linger
Visibly ignored
Invisibly gliding
across the trance floor
Grooving to leper music
Bust a few leper moves
and I'm out the neon door

Saturday, April 12, 2008

About poodie music artist kanarek

Kanarek - Born in Havana, Cuba - early on, absorbed the Caribbean Latin percussion that filled the balmy air. Even after moving to Canada and beyond, the rhythm traveled with him during his interesting trip of a life. Along the way, he’s collected images, stories, poetry… and infused them into his music.

Nomadic by nature, Kanarek always knew he could return home to 246 Searle Avenue, Toronto. It was loud, passionate and welcoming. Even when the streets were cold, the food was hot and waiting. There, his drum kit had a place… and so did he.

2forty6 is where Kanarek discovered music and art; eventually playing drums and performing with many Canadian and American artists
After living in Los Angeles, he moved to France with his band.
When the group disbanded, Kanarek stayed to paint, drink wine and breathe in Paris where he performed with many French artists and his band Broken Eyes.
He later joined a Chilean DJ, a country-rock guitarist and a reggae singer; the diverse group produced twelve vinyl singles, including a House music hit “Acid Bitch,” which stayed on the U.K. club charts for 13 weeks. Later, on his own, Kanarek created music for his first solo album and exhibited his paintings in nine solo art shows.

Today, with his parents’ gifts of music, art and wanderlust, Kanarek – an ever-present glass of red wine before him - frequents caf├ęs in Toronto, Paris and Los Angeles…always thinking, sketching, and creating. His most recent creation is his album titled “2forty6”… for the place that will always be home.

Aural illusions of Kanarek's experiences – sounds often as thick as his oil paintings, seem to create shimmering outlines of images: The sun-drenched Parisian streets, maybe; a summer evening in Havana, possibly; each sound, each song like a stratum of his life being peeled back and laid down for us to take a virtual trip of our own.

Like Kanarek, his music is full of contradictions - as he sings in Bloozie, “When the sun shines down on Paris, I’m living hell here in Paradise…but I gotta keep on walkin’ ‘til the Left Bank becomes right…”

Kanarek - 2forty6

KANAREK - 2forty6

Kanarek's debut album for PoodieMusic,"2forty6", is representantive of the many musical genres that have influenced him throughout his career as a touring and recording artist. He has had the honour of working with some of the most respected and influential artists and DJ's of our time spanning rock,pop,r&b,house,ambient and dance.

Much like his paintings, the songs are rhythmic,textural, emotional and rich in colour. The album is a soundscape through which the politics of life,religion,relationships,and humanity in general find a voice.

From the personal and intimate to an eye on the universal human condition and experience, this album is a cinematic journey winding it's way through images of joy,contradiction,pain,discovery and perspective.

Welcome to PoodieMusic and Kanarek's "2forty6". It's a rhythmic, trancelike ride through a landscape that we call.......LIFE.

The "Behind the Scenes" Guys

During the making of my album “2forty6”, I was fortunate to have my talented friends contribute to some of my tracks. During mixing and listening to the performances of Rick Boston, Fred Mandel, Eric Gotthelf, Paul Lacques, and Eddie Baytos,, I was struck by how much their interpretations had enriched the songs they touched. This was not as much a surprise as it was again a reminder of the importance of the “behind the scenes guys”. For many years, I myself was one of them performing as a studio and touring drummer for many talented artists. My musical journey found me in the company of Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman, Janis Ian, The Beach Boys, Bo Diddley etc. Their impact upon me as human beings and musicians was and still is profound. These talented artists have merited the acknowledgement and respect they have received over the years,. Anything I might add about them would certainly be redundant. My experience with them will inspire me forever.

I want to take a moment to pay homage to the other “stars” that have graced the studios and the concert stages. The ones who have “backed up” the great artists elevating them to even greater heights. These players, engineers, songwriters, producers and vocalists deserve notice as well. They may be unkown to you, some you may have heard of, others have celebrity in their own right as soloists and artists. I have had the honour of working with them, and becoming friends with many of them. You may have heard their songs, their mixes, their performances and their productions on records and CD’s, in movies, on television, in concert, on radio and iPods. If you don’t know them, Google them, and add to your lexicon of music history.

I list these greats here in no particular order as they come to mind. My apologies if I’ve missed a few. You know who you are. You know where I live!.

Rick Boston, Eric Gotthelf, Jeff Berlin, Ian Gardiner,Rick Moors, Simeon Pilitch, Norm Fisher, Igor Romanyck, Jimmy Roberts, Chris Hall, Arvo Lepp, Eric “Hap” Roderman, Rob Piltch, Lenny Castro, Fred Mandel, Ed Cherney, Marc Jordan, John Capek, Laura Creamer, Alan Gordon, Arte Funaro, Ciro Baptista Ciari, Kevan Staples, Carole Pope, Paul Lacques, Mike Tempo, Phil Gough, King Cotton, Dusty Wakeman, Boo Bernstein, Shirley Eikhardt, Jack Price, Berton Averre, David Schwartz, The Porcaros, Jim Keltner,Terry Melcher,John Bavin,Stan Meisner. Lisa Dal Belo,Warren Pash,Jimmy Woods, Richard Wolf, David Malloy, Rocky Burnette, Billy Burnette, Craig Fall, Menno Froese, Gregory Marchant, Tad Wadhams, Bobby Lakind, Donny Gerard, Carl Graves, Debra Dobkin, Patrick Coutin, Tony Braunagle, Jerry Angel, Jean Pierre Morgand, Jean Marc Despert, Bruno Mylanos, Bertrand Beuf, Laurent Prado, Ted Hawke, Alain Perusini, Michel Kyriazopoulos, Kim Bullard, Nicolas Albingre, Larry Knight, Steve Hunter, Christophe Garreau and so many others.. Again, forgive me for any omissions.

Like a solid foundation they all steadfastly support the towering edifice called MUSIC. The only true universal language without barriers or discrimination. It touches all of us. It is the soundtrack of our lives. A jukebox of emotions and memories. Cruising with an iPod slolaming the speed bumps of life.. To all the artists and all the “behind the scenes” men and women who enrich the world we live in. Cheers and thank you.